Future Disco: Beach Life 2.0

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Beach Life 800 .jpg

Future Disco: Beach Life 2.0


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Endless summers are something of a dream to most, but Future Disco aim to make that a reality with the second instalment of Beach Life. As we have come to expect from Future Disco albums, perfectly curated sounds to wind away those mellow days in the sun from the afternoon summer haze covering the mellower sides of house and daytime disco, to the second mix of a deeper, late night house music, ideal for when the sun goes down. 

Future Disco consistently selects the scene’s future stars and hidden gems. This edition features the audio delights and future sounds of artists such as Project Pablo, Folamour, Dan Kye, COEO, Lovebirds, Mousse T, Demuja and many more. Imagine a distant beach bar where you arrive at 3pm and stay until midnight because the music soundtrack is new, exciting and you can’t bare to leave. Add to that a completely uniquely edited mix and we give you a beach life. 

Disc 1

1. Folamour -  L’ Homme Loup

2. Project Pablo - Risk the Rip

3. Dan Kye - Change

4. JKriv & Free Magic - Emmanuel

5. Shakarchi & Straneus - Marcy Son What

6. Snacks - Daydream

7. Lovers Sweetest Thing (Interlude)

8. Longhair - Coco Loco

9. Sirs - Drop It (Original Version)

10. Georges - Morning 

11. Klubbhuset - Omedelbar Kärlek

12. DJ Boring, "6 AM Mimosa"

13. COEO - Pajama Stomp

14. Luces – Who’s To Say

15. Various Artists - Future Disco: Beach Life Summer Haze (Continuous Mix)

Disc 2

1. Leon Revol - La Mercerie

2. Demuja - Work In

3. SoulPhiction pres. SBM - Gotta Have It

4. Mousse T. - Summerdays (Ziggy Phunk Remix)

5. Shur-I-Kan “All Things In Their Rightful Place”

6. Mohig - Searching For Barong (Till von Sein Remix)

7. Johannes Albert - Pachanga

8. Kraak & Smaak – U R Freak (feat. Ivar) (Eli Escobar Remix)

9. Kim Brown - Helical Scan (Earth Boys Remix)

10.Ian Pooley - Time

11.Cassettes for Kids - With You I Won’t

12.Jad & The - Accidental Audi Driver

13.Upstart – Hermano

14.Animal Trainer - Rigpa (Street Parade Hymn 2018)

15.Various Artists - Future Disco: Beach Life Sun Down (Continuous Mix)

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