The Future Disco series has touched hearts all over the globe, from humble beginnings in 2009 with the initial ‘A Guide to 21st Century Disco’ all the way to their famous residency at Space Ibiza and the hugely successful Poolside Sounds series. Head compiler Sean Brosnan breaks down the track selection one-by-one.

1. Sweet Tooth - She Can’t Have You (Greg Wilson Edit)

I was in Amsterdam a few months back and I heard a DJ play it at a party one evening and forgot what a great record it is. So I asked Greg if he would do a special edit for the album and he agreed! We made it the opener for the album as it’s the kind of track that gets you in the mood for a good party.  

2. Kraak & Smaak - Keep It Together

This is the brand new single on Future Disco. I’ve been playing it for months with lots of people coming up asking me what it is each time I play it, so it’s great to have it finally out there. The production and vibe of the record is perfect for the upcoming summertime and Kraak & Smaak are such under rated producers who are really very talented. 

3. Take Your Time - Love At First Sight (Future Disco Edit)

I heard this record a while ago but loved the mood of it, I was really impressed with the vocal, it’s from a little known act from Australia. We asked them if we could do an edit and they agreed. I basically just gave it a more house tempo as it was more a broken beat vibe and it now has that little bit more momentum.  

4. Baio - Philosophy (Crazy P Remix)

Jim and Toddy AKA Crazy P are such talented producers that they always manage to bring funk, melody and polish to every remix. Every now and then there are records I just think are perfect for a Future Disco album and this was one of them. As soon as I heard it I knew it should feature on there.  

5. Amp Fiddler - Steppin (Future Disco Piano Edit)

I heard this in a restaurant playing and shazamed it. I have no shame when something catches my ears and quite often I find record for the compilations when I stumble across it playing somewhere. I’m always listening 24/7 for a sound or style that stands out.  I’ve always been a fan of Amp Fiddler. When I found out it had come out via Yam Who’s label and I had to ask if I could edit it. I loved the record but it was more of a jazz structure and less Disco / House. We emphasised the piano so it’s more a dance floor take but still utilising his vocal. It really works on the dance floor and just hope he likes it.   

6. COEO - Mydonna (Alternative Cut)

I’m a fan of COEO and their edits. This track kind of passed me by when it was first released but when I was running through the Toy Tonics releases I rediscovered it and immediately thought it had to be on the album. 

7. Sylvester - Dance (Disco Heat) (Louie Vega Main Mix)

I’ve been playing this for a while and always working for. It was 11 minutes long so we asked the label if they would let us edit it down slightly. They told us no but Louie Vega was going to do it himself! So we are pleased to have another exclusive from another legend on the album. It’s the vocal Byron Stingly sung on Get Up everybody so anyone into 90’s house will recognise the track. 

8. Lovers - Fool Moon

This is a simple but effective track from NYC label Let’s Play House. Disco cut up business that just works. 

9. Saucy Lady – Together (E Live Remix)

Billy in the office sent me this one. I wasn’t sure at first but it was a late edition. It’s really well produced and her vocal sounds great. 

10. Delphi - Blue Tuesday

This is Tiger & Woods in a different guise. I’ve been playing the track in nearly all my sets and always works. I remember playing it last summer in Ibiza as this trapeze artists starting coming down from the ceiling out of nowhere and everyone was going crazy. The bassline kicks so hard when it breaks and I wanted to bring the energy that you find in a good club to the album. 

11. Johannes Albert - D-Trainse (No Cure Mixx)

I really rate Johannes as a producer and we have him set for a release on our other label Needwant. The music feels quite simple but it’s really not. He manages to create energy and momentum and this track is no different. 

12. Emilie Nana – I Rise (Danny Krivit Extended Vocal Dub)

I haven’t heard much from Danny Krivit the past few years, and for me he’s one of those pioneers of House and Disco, so I was excited to get this remix on the album. It reminds me of music about 15 years ago, deep, brooding but with soul. The kind of record I imagine being played at Body & Soul. It was the right record to change up the tempo. 

13. Ten Ven - Turn It Up

This is another record I’ve played quite a lot and people have asked me what it is and that’s often a barometer. It’s one of those overlooked dancefloor secret weapons so I wanted to include it for that reason. I think a lot of people might have missed it. It’s so loud and intense, has a little something Daft Punk about it, but when it breaks it has the desired effect. 

14. Edu Imbernon – Underworld (Tuff City Kids)

This is another record I rediscovered hearing on a DJ mix. There is so much music coming out each week, sometimes you just pass over great records, but when I heard it amongst a bunch of records I could see how effective the vocal was. The production is great as you would except from Tuff City Kids. 

15. Young Marco - Palace Green Beans

I loved this record as soon as I heard it. It’s everything I love, twinkly, deep and positive. I’ve always thought of Young Marco more as a DJ than producer but more recently I’ve been checking back his productions and it’s made me revaluate that. He’s great at both!  

16. Pale Blue - You Stopped Dying

Another record I really wanted to include. I had trouble placing the track as it’s quite sombre but again I love records like this, thinking / emotional house music I would call it. I included a Pale Blue record on the last album and as an act I’m really interested to catch them live too. 

17. CCFX - The One To Wait

This was the curve ball of the album, I had to include at least one. It reminds me of The Cure and I’m a fan of The Cure’s music and that whole period of Balearic / Indie crossover in the 90’s. When people like Andrew Weatherhall or Justin Robertson created some amazing remixes of big pop records. We had to edit the record for the mix to make it a bit more baelaric as it’s quite indie sounding, but I’ve always wanted Future Disco to represent the sounds inspired by Disco and I feel this is in that camp. It arrived on DFA records and somehow I feel like they have a similar approach, they release dance music per say but aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. But I’m certain someone will hate it but sometimes music does split listeners and I think that’s a positive thing, but it’s best done on the last track ha.   

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