Head Compiler Sean Brosnan's Top Picks from Beach Life 2.0

Head compiler Sean Brosnan picks his Top 5 tracks from our latest album Future Disco: Beach Life 2.0. The album is perfectly curated to wind away those mellow days in the sun from the afternoon summer haze covering the mellower sides of house and daytime disco, to the second mix of a deeper, late night house music, ideal for when the sun goes down. 

Top 5 Picks

Folamour – L’homme loup

This is a lovely record from a great upcoming talent in Folamour. It instantly sounds like summer to me, the drifting chords are almost like a summer breeze and I thought it had to open the album for that reason. 

Dan Kye – Change

This has been a record that always pops up for one reason or another, and usually because it’s so damn good. It’s vocalist Jordan Rakei under a different name. It has shuffly beats and a vocal that has some unusual effects but the entire feeling is one of summer, the guitar snippets and again that drifting background sounds just underpin the entire track to make you think of hot times. 

DJ Boring - 6AM Mimosa

This record is a bit more intense but it has those rhythmic pounding drums which always make me think of places that there’s a drummer at sundown like Benrissas in Ibiza or if you have ever been to Goa. But it’s a different take on that traditional tribal or soulful house that would usually contain these drums ands that’s what makes it so interesting and actually not Boring at all. 

Demuja – Work In

As soon as I heard this one I wanted to include on the album. The big bright horns and positive vibe to the entire record make it a real smiley summer record that even the most hardened kill joy would struggle not to tap a foot too. I really like Demuja’s style also, he jumps form quite subtle deep house to more cut up fun tracks and basically wins at them all. 

Johannes Albert – Pachanga

We released this on our sister label Needwant and it’s everything I love in one record, Balearic, dancefloor, positive, subtle house music. Again those drums give the whole record an atmosphere that just make me feel like this record should be heard outside.  

Kraak & Smaak – U R Freak (Eli Escobar Remix)

So often records pass me by and not really when something like 20,000 tracks a week are uploaded to Spotify. This was one of those remixes which I checked and moved on, but only when someone in the office suggested I should re-listen, did I appreciate how good the remix was. Eli Escobar has a real touch with remixes and here he has just build this record into a summer scorcher. 

SBM – Gotta Have it (Soulphiction)

Soulphiction is truly one of the most underrated producers in my opinion. He’s been consistently surprising with his productions and always keeping a soul to everything he does. This is just a pure funk filled house record that has such a big lower end that is the sort fo record you want to start a dj set with and lets everyone know what kind of party thgis is going to be – a funky one.  

Future Disco Beach Life 2.0 is out now.

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