Johannes Albert is a producer as diverse as they come. Comfortable across all sub genres of dance music from deep house to italo disco, in Italy they call him Giovanni Alberto. He’s been praised by the likes BICEP, Gerd Janson, Lauer and the Keinemusik crew, and he’s only just getting started. His infectious, groovy, club ready ‘Trainse (No Curee Mix) was included on our latest album A Disco Fantasy. 

Hi Johannes, thanks for taking the time to chat. You’re a producer we’ve had an our eye on for a while now. For those that aren’t familiar with your music, how would you summarise it?


Thanks for the kind words first of all. Well it's always tricky to describe my own music. I like all kinds of dance music; classic House, Techno & Disco. I try not to focus on one certain genre to keep it interesting for myself. My latest EP "Generators“ delivers more big roomy chord stuff, almost like Detroit Techno . My upcoming track "Beach Reach“ on my own Label (Fine) goes more into a more sweet disco house direction. So I would say it’s music for the dancefloor. It's the same for me when I DJ, always dancable but with many different levels.



Future Disco has always played a part in bringing the newest and best producers from the underground to a bigger market, as an artist do you feel this is still an important thing to do in the modern era?


Well a good compilation is still a good compilation. Like the Fabric series, the Essential mix, K7 DJ Kicks or Ostgut Ton. So yeah it’s kind of important to me since I grew up buying mix cds. It definitely helps to discover new artists for the listener and vice versa the artist gets some new attention. Especially for the people out there who are not that deep into the music business. I can imagine people getting hold of this compilation and then perhaps discovering my track even. So yeah it’s still an important thing after all.


When did you first hear of Future Disco, and what’s your earliest memory of the brand?


I think it was around 2010 or before. When artists like The Revenge and Tensnake et al got really big.


We’ve got a track from yourself coming up on our latest album A Disco Fantasy, are you excited about the release?


Well yeah. I mean how often does your music make it to a good old CD compilation from the UK? Exactly… like never. So yeah I’m thrilled!


You’ve got your own label Fine, which you run with Tilman (another producer we’re big fans of here). How do you find it running your own label?


I started my own label Frank Music 8 years ago and then that Fine imprint with Tilman. Running a record label … It’s like life ... always ups and downs. In the end I always prefer to have everything under control. This means I can release whatever I want whenever I want. You can present your music the way you want it to be. A 100 percent. Of course it’s always a struggle and vinyl production can be quite a pain in the arse in terms of time and money but in the end I am happy when we are in full control. Also it’s nice to do Fine with Tilman because it just works very easily and we are a really great team. We don’t need to discuss, we just do our thing and release records. Refreshing! Maybe we have something like a motto …“no overthinking at all“ ha.


Music is forever changing as we know, especially with role that technology is playing. For you personally being a DJ and producer, what’s been the biggest change?


Actually for me the whole change aspect is quite essential. I could not do the same stuff for years. I get bored easily so I try to listen to as much - both new and old - music as I can. I mean I listen to house music for 20 years now but I still find tracks from 1993 that I’ve never heard before so it seems there is still so much around you can find. For me the biggest change is probably the same issue every professional artist or freelancer has - you need to pay the bills so you need to play shows all the time. I mean I love to play shows but sometimes you would have some weeks that are not like really filled with gigs which makes you start to think about all this. It will be always an essential part of any DJ career I guess. You never know whats gonna happen next year. So yeah for me the biggest change so far was not technology but more like the switch from having a day-job and doing music full time. Thrown into the cold waters of only being a DJ and producer.



There’s been some great music released as of late. What’s been your favourite track and album of the last year?


Only coming out this month but Krystal Klear and his "Neutron Dance“ is really hitting a spot. I do love happy happy music. Album-wise I like Aera’s "The Sound Path“. One of those longplayers that grows on you and it’s an album you can listen to in one piece.


What have you got planned for the remainder of 2018, are you involved with any festivals, some new music lined up perhaps?


Well i'm happy to make my Love International debut in Croatia this summer as well as gigs all-over-Europe & South Africa. Music-wise I've been doing a lot of remixes lately, like ones for Lovebirds, Keinemusik, Mr. Tea, my good boy Iron Curtis, The Checkup & Deeleegenz, Dominik Marz, D.Y.A … and the list goes on

Favourite producers and scenes from around the world

I have a thing for Frankfurt am Main… all things Rhein-Main to be exact. Not only because  Sven Väth and the mighty clubnight we had on the radio which came from there. But also because of  more contemporary producers such as Lauer, Roman Flügel, Move D ect. Also labels like "Workshop" as well as ground breaking clubs such as Galerie Kurzweil in Darmstadt. So our "Hessen“ guys, they breath good dance music since the 80s I guess.


Melbourne seems very interesting within the last couple years. Guys like Tornado Wallace, Andras Fox and an supposedly amazing party scene. I would love to go!


Producers I also enjoy these days: Llewellyn, Shan, Urulu, all related Clone stuff from Holland, always Four Tet (obviously), the latest Wolfram 12“ is a sure shot, xxxy and his disco workouts, Justin Cudmore from New York, Brame & Hamo and their new label, Kincaid & Sinal, Maniqin, Bawrut, E. Myers, … and 137 more one hit wonders.