Sand in your toes, sunset over sea, hissing of the waves, the relaxing sensation of a calm and gentle breeze across your face, cocktail in one hand, music in the background... 

We know.

Here's our list of the 5 top beach bars (in no particular order) in the world. These spots have the magic combination that keeps visitors coming back time and again.

1. Kalu Beach Bar (Portugal)

Kalu Beach Bar is a quiet, tucked away spot on Praia Grade beach. Indulge in a range of simple, yet delicious food with excellent drink options while overlooking the shimmering sea. Can it get any better?

2. Cafe Mambo (Ibiza)

The charm of the white isle with its décor of mosaics, marble, white furniture and the iconic ibiza sunset makes this one of the hottest and go-to destinations for holiday makers and music lovers alike. Get there early to grab a prime spot to witness that famous sunset and enjoy some lovely mambo tunes playing at the background. Be sure to try their highly-raved food and cocktails while you're there! A complete beach lover's paradise.

3. Alibaba Beach Bar (Greece)

A hidden gem on the island of Kos. There you'll find luscious sand and crystal clear waters with large umbrellas and sunbeds all round where food and drinks will be delivered straight to you. With excellent food (must-have burgers) and drinks at affordable prices, and relaxing, chilled out music in the background, we can't think of a better place in Kos to spend the day.

4. Falko Beach Bar (Croatia)

Falko Beach bar is a little spot by the sea with great views of the ocean and a chilled atmosphere. Spend your afternoon with a mix of jazz and reggae, incredible nibbles and drinks. You can even relax and recharge in a hammock!

5. Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza)

The list just isn't complete without the legendary Cafe Del Mar. Opened in 1980, the site is known for its balearic music, breathtaking sunsets, top notch service and beautiful cocktails. Since you're there, you'll also want to pop by next door into Cafe Mambo before you go.


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