Quick Fire Interview with Severino


One quarter of party troupe Horse Meat Disco, Severino brings his signature disco-centric vibes to Future Disco's House of Horrors event at the Prince of Wales on Friday 28th October. A man with great musical taste, a sense of fun and most importantly, a sense of drama in his selection. We caught up with Sev before the event to talk about all things halloween.

Listen to Sev's recent mix for Manuscript and read the quick fire interview below:

So the House of Horrors event is coming up, what are you most looking forward to?

CRAZY COSTUMES? Lots of booze... and GREAT MUSIC ALL NIGHT. Solid line up!

Favourite halloween party you’ve ever been to?

Actually when I was young in Italy, I loved to dress up S doctors and nurses...haha. I guess it's easy and comfortable.

Best fancy dress costume you’ve ever worn?

A bear, haha!

Favourite halloween movie?

Profondo Rosso by Dario Argento or Shining or Birds.

Favourite memory of halloween as a kid?

As I said above, dressing as a doctor (maybe because my dad was a doctor...)

Worst memory of halloween as a kid?

While I was driving in Italy I saw someone in the middle of the street dressed as a ghost...that was a bit scary.

If you could pick one, what’s your favourite disco track of all time?

Do what you wanna do by T Connection.

Favourite venue outside of the UK?

Output NYC.

What can we expect from your set at the Price of Wales?

Housey into disco...or vice versa.

What’s been your favourite Future Disco compilation so far?

Difficult... I think the quality is always there.


Tickets for Future Disco's House of Horror's party at the Prince of Wales are on sale now.

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