Highlights from our Spotify Playlists

Each fortnight we are going to whittle down our extensive Spotify playlists to just 5 tracks that we think deserve honourable mentions. This fortnight we have highlighted tracks from the likes of Groove Armada and Romare from our 4 different playlists.
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Groove Armada - Always take me higher
Rolling back the clocks to 2013, and Future Disco’s Volume 6 album, Night Moves, featured the ever popular duo of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) with their track ‘Always take me higher’. More commercially recognised for their success in the 90’s, with tracks such as ‘superstylin’ and ‘I see you baby’, Groove Armada are still hugely influential, as shown through recent commercial success with their remix of Drew Hill’s ‘Talk to You’. ‘Always take me higher’, With it’s prominent bassline and throwback vocals, Is one of many Groove Armada tracks we feel everyone should to revisit and re-appreciate.
Lee Van Dowski - 050504
The Frenchman, Lee Van Dowski, Is back with a new EP featuring tracks, ‘Lee’s mobile’ & ‘050504’, on the German Giant label, Mobilee. Although we like both tracks, ‘050504’ is the standout for us. With a constant, deep techno rhythm and distant, atmospheric vocals scattered throughout, this track offers an unrelenting energy which makes it an essential peak-time track for any techno set. And that is precisely why it is one of our 2 featured tracks from the weekend selection in the top 5 this fortnight.
Dorisburg - mima
The Swedish producer, Dorisburg has been making simple, deep tracks for the best part of a decade, and has slowly risen to a considerable reputation in downbeat electronica, techno and tech house. His track, Mima, portrays his diversity in style. Unlike the majority of his repertoire, it is a quintessential electronica track with an uplifting presence brought through the vocals and subtle synth work. We think this the perfect track for any relaxed environment, and that’s why our friends at Needwant have included it in their new beautiful ‘Journey’s’ album.
Vermont - Majestät
Vermont is the combination of two masterminds in house music, Innervisions’ Marcus Worgull and Danilo Plessow. Unlike the majority of their individual accomplished tracks, Vermont’s sound focuses more on atmospheric elements and less so on techno and house rhythms. Through the use of multiple vintage analogue synthesisers and various layers of percussion and carefully automated sythns they’ve created something quite special. With no monotonous house beat underlying the track, this is yet another perfect track to relax too.
Romare - Roots
Directly influenced by the artist, ‘Romare Bearden', who used a cut’n’paste technique in his collages, Romare decided to use the same technique in music. His tracks mostly include samples taken from old vinyl recordings and are ordered in such a way as to create vintage house style tracks, such as ‘Roots’. Which is aptly named to signify the roots of house music, as  ‘New York’ and ‘Detroit’ are mentioned throughout. If Romare continues to create hugely unique and inspired tracks then he’s certainly sure to make great strides in the underground house scene. That is precisely why he is one of the artists chosen on our ‘stars for the future’ playlist.