Exclusive Interview and Mix from SlothBoogie


We recently sat down with Pat Perring, long-time friend of Future Disco and creator of SlothBoogie, to chat about his likeness to sloths, plans for the future and a fine new mix he's done in preparation for the upcoming Skate event at Somerset House.

Firstly, for anyone who isn’t familiar, who, or what, is SlothBoogie? 
SlothBoogie is a music blog that was born out of intense boredom at an old job back in the day. I didn’t really think it was going to become anything originally and it was just a place to dump a load of tracks that I was into. Then slowly but surely people started coming to the site from all over the place and it became known as this niche little corner of the internet where people could come for a fix of Disco, House and Techno vibes.


How did you decide on the name?
 The name was just a stupid combination of things that popped into my head when I impatiently wanted to do my first blog post. I got called lazy by teachers at school hence the Sloth… and Boogie was because I was majorly into the Disco revival thing that was happening at the time. I can’t help but feel a pang of weirdness when I tell guestlist keepers that it actually is my DJ name… Its kind of like that first email address you get when your a kid… thankfully I didn’t go for sexycheeks69 eh?!


What would you like to be doing with S/B in 2 or 3 years time?
 Well it's actually 5 years of S/B come February, so trying to put together lots of special little things with people on that. Down the line though I’d love to be doing bigger and better curation for events and more site features with bigger artists but it's hard with all the exclusives and premieres going to the usual Resident/Fact/Thump/XLR8R sites. It's pretty ruthless out there with getting hold of stuff first. I’ve got a good crew of people that send me good stuff regularly so hopefully we can come to some kind of agreement!


This will be the second year you play at Skate for Future Disco, tell us about the event and how you got involved?
 Skate is always so much fun! What’s not to like about doing something that needs huge amounts of coordination like skating whilst also having a belly full of mulled wine? Plus it's all soundtracked by some decent tunes so you’ll be pretty pushed to find something better on a school night! I set up the first Future Disco Ice Skating gig back when I was working with Speedo aficionado Sean Brosnan and thankfully they’ve had us back each year!


What do you enjoy most about playing at Skate? Are you ever tempted to throw something really odd into the mix to see if anyone falls over in surprise?
 Ha for me, rather sadistically, it is watching people wiping out all the time! Although I shouldn’t really say that because my girlfriend busted her wrist at the last one?! Musically I keep it fun and energetic… nothing too left field… Although once I did play something with loads of swearing and got some odd looks from some mums and their teen daughters…


You’ve done a cracking mix to promote the show, what was your inspiration? 
 Thanks! Cockle Warming House was what I was going for… My train of thought usually drifts off during a mix but hopefully that box was ticked.


Are there any particular tracks we should be listening out for?
 That Klaves - People track has been getting rinsed everywhere and rightly so… The PMR offshoot its come out on couldn’t have got off to a better start really. Its happy, loopy and a prime party starter for sure. If Sean doesn’t put that in the next Future Disco compilation then you should all have a word with him!


Wolf Music's new bits are in there - they’re back with a bang on their releases at the moment.


Earth People - Dance is as classic a House Edit as you can get.


The final track on the mix is Robag Wruhme's remix of Hundred’s Aftermath… goosebump inducing epicness!


You can see Future Disco with Sean Brosnan and SlothBoogie at Skate on the 27th November. Get your tickets here.