Anna Wall's Ibiza Diary 2014 (Part 1)

anna wall blog We all know our resident DJ Anna Wall from the Future Disco Radio Show and from her residency with us at Space, but what you might not know is she actually doing her second whole season out in Ibiza this year. That's right Anna's going to be spending another summer on the white isles, so we thought 'Why not get her to blog about it?' to see what living on the island is really like and get a little insight into Anna's world. This is 'Part 1' of Anna's Ibiza Diary,

Last time I set foot in the Ibiza Sonica studios was last summer, when I rolled down to watch Felix Da Housecat strutting his stuff on the turntables. So what a pleasure to hit the decks myself this time to celebrate Future Disco's 50th radio show. I was greeted by their radio host Karlos, plus a 'how many of you?' - this time it was just me - which also meant that I could dance around the studio to my own devices which is just as fun, plus the view onto San Rafael is just stuninng.


After rounding the show off with a groovy mix from Tom Findlay of Groove Armada, I headed down to watch the sunset and be silly at Experimental Beach where a friend Maxim Lany played us some lovely jams to see us into midnight.

On Thursday - typical me - a manic packing frienzy ensued, for a last minute flight to Barcelona for Sonar festival; a gift that had been given to me as a birthday present from my wild and wonderful mates and a non-stop weekend of copious amounts of fun ensued...for full details of what happened there I shall leave off print! But we did our reunion in style that's for sure. And of course, no Sonar trip would be complete without nearly missing a post-Secretsundaze return flight...

So what is the best way to get over a fun-filled 4 day Off Sonar excursion? Apparently not to go home and weep into your pillow, but to head to DC10 instead. So, after x1 missed alarm, x15 sad drunken I love you and goodbyes, x1000 amounts of panic and x1 flight almost missed, this was the plan. Luckily I have riduculously nice friends who are willing to hang around in the airport for a half an hour delayed flight.


After heading down to eat some recovery food at Fish Shack on Talamanca, and a lot of procrastinating we made our way to DC10 which of course on Monday has been home to Circoloco for the last 15 years or so. We headed straight onto the terrace to find Cassy plus a dancefloor full of familiar faces (some who were also spotted in Barcelona over the weekend – liking your work) and I immediately felt at home (goodbye edgy plane journey)

Although friends often talk about Dixon's sets in high regard, this was actually the first time I've seen him play. Never one to judge until I've been there myself, I was pretty impressed with his selection – and it was obvious that although a lot of his productions can be quite deep and mysterious, he also knows how to build a set into something that can turn the crowd into a frenzy. Most tunes for me caused a 'what is THIS?!' kind of reaction which can only be a good thing.

He was also the first person that evening to play the tune which got everyone talking, that I'm sure we're going to be hearing a lot more of this summer...from Damian Lazarus' new project the Ancient Moons (a collaboration alongside James Ford who's one half of Simian Mobile Disco and produced for likes the Arctic Monkeys and the Klaxons) – the track works a medley of Qawwali singers of Pakistan telling tales of love and the cosmos alongside grinding dance-floor percussion

Sonar hangover was well and truly a long lost memory by this point. I definitely spared a moment to think about everyone who had made it struggling into their office jobs that day, probably asleep in bed right now while we were dancing away in a nightclub. 'Nuff respect!

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