Interview PBR Streetgang

pbr_streetgang-ITWPBR Streetgang (aka Bonar Bradberry & Thom Thorpe) have been long time friends of our here at Future Disco, playing many a party for us over the years. So it has been great for us watching their rise to success over the last eighteen months as they've this year toured America and been championed by none other then Radio One's Pete Tong... Ahead of their set for us at AIR in Amsterdam at the weekend, we caught up with Bonar and Thom to talk studios, Nordic Disco and ADE...

Hi guys, thanks for having a chat with us today, how have you been? Do you feel like you’ve fully swapped your beach shorts for raincoats now?

BB: Yep ive just bought a new warm coat for the winter !! to be honest though i like it in a way .. if it was hot all year you wouldn't look forward to the summer

Looking back at the summer what would you say have been some of your highlights?

BB: The Boat Party at the Garden Festival is always pretty magic this year was no exception but the Closing Set on the terrace at Space for the WeLove Closing party last month was something that will stay with me for a long time

So you both met in Leeds, are you still residing there? If not where do call home at the moment?

BB: Actually we met in Birmingham but it wasn't till we were living in Leeds did we start doing stuff together. And yes we still call it home.

Have you found it hard to get into the studio recently with all the touring?

TT: it definitely becomes trickier during the summer months due to festivals, ibiza, and the this year the Bradberry wedding but we make time, it's important for us to keep up the momentum of the releases.

What’s your favourite piece of equipment in the studio?

BB: Right now its the Novation Bass Station we just got hold of .. its great .. does a lot more than bass though!

We all really enjoyed your remix of the re-issue of George Morel ‘Let’s Groove’ in the office, it’s had us chair dancing all summer! We take it there was a bit of Prins Thomas inspiration behind the naming and the sound of the ‘DiskoMix’? Are you both big Nordic disco fans?

TT: Well spotted... We're definitely big fans of Thomas, his music and his whiskey! : ) We decided to go down the 'loose disco' feel with remix straight from the off, definitely influenced by Thomas's approach to remixing... wonder if he's likes it, he he?!

You also had a release on the new formed 'Newington' label, how did that come about?

BB: Like with a lot of our releases, through friendship really, they were starting a label, we had some new stuff to release. But most importantly when we talked with them about what there label was going to do and be about, the tracks that we had finished seemed like a perfect fit for it.

How would you describe the PBR Streetgang sound? Also do you think your DJ sets reflect the music you make? BB: Kitchen Sink ! as in theres everything in there.. if we had to label it somehow then i suppose its starts at Disco and goes to Techno but for us the two genres and everything thing inbetween are all inextricably linked. We just try and make things that excite us and that we want to play ourselves. So yes more so than ever or Dj sets are reflecting the music we make.

So Bonar, you lent your tasty vocal chords to your recent solo single on Needwant. Is this something we are going to be seeing more on the PBR Streetgang records?

BB: Well i've been putting my vocals on PBR tracks for years now, you'd just have to be pretty keen to spot it ;). but actually singing "proper vocals" i dunno not really thought about it a lot, we'll see.

What’s the future for PBR? Have you considered doing an album? BB: good question all honesty, we haven't decided yet.... but were there is lots more music to come what ever form it might be ..

Who would some dream collaborations be? You’re welcome to use this as a platform for an open invitation

BB: there are tons of people we admire... of the top of my head, Jamie Lidell , George Clinton, Prince !

You’re coming over to play for the Future Disco party at ADE, is this going to be your first time at ADE? If so any tips for first timers?

TT: yes we will be popping our ADE cherry, very exciting. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities and with so many amazing parties and acts on it's a massive shame we are there for only one day. My only advise would be to try stay as long as possible : )

Are you going to be sticking around for a few days? Who else are you looking forward to seeing? TT: unfortunately not, although we are flying back on Sunday to play Fabric's 14th birthday... B U Z Z I N G!!!

Thanks again for chatting with us guys. We’ve asked all of our guests at Space this summer to pick us their top five ‘Sunset Tracks’, but! The seasons over, so we must move on (and keeping with the ADE theme), can you pick us your top five tracks to eat Edam to? TT: Haha... cheese! no but i just found these guys 'cheesevibers' on juno, reckon anything by them could work ; )