Ibiza Residents Review / Sean Brosnan

Sean interview packshot As many an article will tell you, the resident DJ's are the unsung heroes of any club night worth it's toffee. Experiencing all aspects of the evening they are the one's who truly dictate the dance-floor whether it's setting the pace or maintaining a frenzy; a good resident DJ in short, knows 'how to work a floor'.

If that's the case, how did we end with these three?

After a successful fourth season on the island we look back at some of the highlights with our three residents on the ground Anna Wall, Ian Blevins and Sean Brosnan, as they give us the low down on Ibiza '13... Next up is our main man Sean Brosnan!


Name: Sean Brosnan

Hometown: Winchester

Seasons on the Island: I've done three full seasons, one when I was 18, and the last two years 2012, 2013, but plenty of visits in-between.

Drink of Choice: Heirbas and red wine, but not together.

If I could sum up Ibiza in five words… Messy, beautiful, high hats, free, exciting. Six words I know.

Take me back too… 11.45pm each Tuesday when the sunset terrace is in full swing and you know you only have 15 minutes left, you make the most of it. Also to those lazy days in a little cove eating ice cream and eating fish for lunch.

I wish I could have seen… More Djs, sounds crazy as there are a million on the island but something about ibiza where you never do as you plan.

The biggest change this year has been… I think there was a little turn in tide against the super vip clubs, I don't think some of the glitzier places performed as well as they hoped. Be nice if in 2014 a couple of more underground venues would open or pop up, rather than another VIP spot. They are cool, but I think we have enough now.

Something tells me that next year…I'll be back again.

This Season I ‘Rescued’ a dance-floor with…

Dancin' the old Eric Morillo track on Strictly, I played it on the opening and people were dancing like it was '93.

My 'Guilty Pleasure' this season…

I played Dirty Cash by Stevie V on the opening, that went down surprisingly well, I actually love this record.

My track of the Summer…

A new Ten Walls reocord...

Until next Season I will mostly be… working. There's some pay back to 3 months in ibiza.

A classic ‘Kodak Moment’… This was taken in the El Salon on my birthday. I had just indulged in the best ibiza has to offer and even surprised myself with some sharp and to be honest able mixing. Later that morning I found myself under a bush sheltering from the sun with geckos running over me. I won't show you the pictures at that point as they may go viral.


(photo: Marco de Groot)