Ibiza Residents Review / Ian Blevins

interview packshot As many an article will tell you, the resident DJ's are the unsung heroes of any club night worth it's toffee. Experiencing all aspects of the evening they are the one's who truly dictate the dance-floor whether it's setting the pace or maintaining a frenzy; a good resident DJ in short, knows 'how to work a floor'.

If that's the case, how did we end with these three?

After a successful fourth season on the island we look back at some of the highlights with our three residents on the ground Anna Wall, Ian Blevins and Sean Brosnan, as they give us the low down on Ibiza '13... Next up is Ian Blevins!

Name: Ian Blevins

Hometown: Horden

Seasons on the Island: 8

Drink of Choice: JD & Coke

If I could sum up Ibiza in five words: Hazy, radged, unique, calming, beautiful.

Take me back too... the Closing. Good times were had at the club and beyond.

I wish I could have seen... the state of me.

The biggest change this year has been... More Future Disco each week, especially up on the Etage and the Salon.


Something tells me that next year: will be all guns blazing.

This season I ‘Rescued’ a dancefloor with…

This song is a typical go to for this sort of occasion, god forbid. I really like Bens track (Who was ace btw on the Sunset terrace) and Bonars remix of this is my favourite i've heard.

My 'Guilty Pleasure' this season has been…

Not sure if this can be considered a guilty pleasure or not but since Take That covered it I suppose i can include it. have played this regular at both Future Disco and at We Love to great effect.

My track of the Summer…

Pretty sure this could be a lot of peoples choices, ranging from Carl Cox to PBR Streetgang. it just sounds very good and very happy. And its always went down well each and every time i've played it.

Until next Season I will mostly be… Trying my upmost to make more and better music. That and attempting to double the amount of vinyl I own.

A classic ‘Kodak Moment’… Since my phone let me down in a big way around the start of September I unfortunately cannot provide any. Maybe for the best I suppose.

(Don't worry Ian we've got you covered)

Sean Brosnan + Ian Blevins