Ibiza Residents Review / Anna Wall

interview packshot As many an article will tell you, the resident DJ's are the unsung heroes of any club night worth it's toffee. Experiencing all aspects of the evening they are the one's who truly dictate the dance-floor whether it's setting the pace or maintaining a frenzy; a good resident DJ in short, knows 'how to work a floor'.

If that's the case, how did we end with these three?

After a successful fourth season on the island we look back at some of the highlights with our three residents on the ground Anna Wall, Ian Blevins and Sean Brosnan, as they give us the low down on Ibiza '13... First up is Anna Wall!


Name: Anna Wall

Hometown: London

Seasons on the Island: my first!

Drink of Choice: Heirbas on ice

heirbas 2

If I could sum up Ibiza in five words: up, down, sideways, weird, and wonderful

Take me back to… Watching KiNK live on the Sunset Terrace… It blew my mind!

I wish I could have seen… Richie Hawtin's infamous 24 hour private villa party

The biggest change this year has been… The non-exclusivity of artists in clubs, plus an array of new venues such as Destino, Plan Be, Booom etc.

Something tells me that next year… Artists will go back to their roots and stick to their own club-night residencies

This season I ‘Rescued’ a dancefloor with…

How could you not dance when you hear D.Taylor's jazzy piano solo! It always ignites a smile :)

My 'Guilty Pleasure' this season has been… This summer I decided to pull this out the bag again. Still sounds bloody ace!

My track of the Summer…

Simon Morrell introduced this to me. It's one of the most beautifully crafted tunes I've heard in recent days. Spine tingling.

Until next Season I will mostly be… Relocating to Berlin - so keeping warm in Panorama Bar ;)

A classic ‘Kodak Moment’…

Me and Felix Da Housecat… What a G!