Future Disco Interview The Mekanism

interview packshot On November the 12th we will be hosting our very first party in Paris at the cities infamous Social Club; a club which is renowned through-out Europe for being at the forefront for new and exciting electronic music.

Joining us for the ride will one of the clubs residents and previous Future Disco guest Damien Roussel aka The Mekanism; a man whom is known for his amazing deep house records on labels such as Exploited and Noir and for his charisma and energy behind the turntables.

We caught with Damien ahead of the event to talk about Paris in the winter months, 'family vibes' and his plans for the future...


Bonjour Damien, how is Paris treating you in these winter months?

Hello, I'm not really in love with the cold in Paris right now. I'm going to add 2 radiators in my studio so I can focus on my productions!

I hope I get to travel to warmer places soon because I'm like a battery and the sun is what recharges me!

Have you got your thermal underwear on yet?

Always! The media talks about it being the worst winter in one hundred years… I'm afraid that ski stuff will be the best clothing for theses next few months.

So over the last few years you have been touring lots around Europe, how have you been finding all the travelling?

This year was my first real traveling year and it's totally awesome so far. Travelling needs some organisation though as you need to be fresh to play and it takes lots of energy out of you.

On my travels I have met so many nice people all around the world, it definitely helped me to discover myself and has opened my mind a lot.

What have been some of your favourite parties?

I had a lot of crazy parties, London is in my heart, I love to play there because I can feel a special thing with people there!

Space in Ibiza for Future Disco was for me maybe my best party this year. Playa del Carmen is a paradise when you play on the beach for maybe 50 people or Juarez Ciudad in the Hardpop club which is another place where I have had too much fun!

Each destination has its magic thing but it's totally different between Europe, USA and Russia ...

You’ve been Djing in Paris since the year 2000; tell us a little about how the nightlife in the city has changed over the past thirteen years?

I was around 15 when i actually started Djing so I discovered all the scene with the French Touch. It was really happy stuff in nightclubs and I think that Paris was big at this time for nightlife. Nightlife in Paris changed the with music though.

I can tell that there is a problem in Paris right now, entrance is hard, prices are unbelievable in clubs... If you go to Berlin things are different there. All is done for music!

Fortunately things are changing though. We have some good underground clubs like Social Club, Rex Club, Yoyo... Or great parties like Concrete...

Little by little, Paris is re-emerging and we can see more electronic parties, more warehouse parties and people ask more than ever that they want 'real parties' like in Berlin!

You’re also quite a regular at Social Club where we are hosting our party on the 12th of November. Where did your relationship begin with the club?

Anthony from the club contacted me to organise a residency bi-monthly there with Dactylo,, a nice and pretty Dj-ette!

We began one year ago and we wanted to have a good 'family vibe' with the line-ups. So far I think we are doing well.

The Social team are really nice, and with me it's not so easy sometimes haha! Seriously though, I can feel at home when I'm there and if you caught the Boiler Room @ Social Club, you can see this crazy energy!

the mekanism boileroom

Speaking of that Boileroom, how was it as an experience? Was it strange to think that lots of people where sat at home watching you DJ?

Boiler room was a huge experience for me. First, it's a big opportunity because this session connected 200,000 people from all around the world! (Which is awesome)!

I was a little stressed and you can see it when I try to put the first record on my hand was shaking! After a while you forget the camera and you do what you have to do! But the other strange thing is, people are behind you and not in front of you; so you play but you don't see them which is funny because when I play sometimes I dance and I was doing some hip-hop dance moves with my feet... People started laughing so I tried to stay still :)

Anyway , Boiler was a great experience and a big opportunity for me, I did my DJ set with love, and I tried to show to people how much I love to play!

What sounds outside of house music would you say influences you? Do you have a history in any other genres that you think comes through in your productions?

This is funny because i never listen to deep house or electronic music when I'm at home , or in my car...

I listen to lots of Hiphop, Nujazz, Soul, and World music. I like to chill with this music because I play harder stuff at the weekends and produce electronic music in my studio so it gives me a break...

On my travels when I was younger, I discovered a nice label in Thailand; putumayo rec. , this to me is world music and it's interesting to listen to things like that.

I'm not sure that you can feel it in my productions... I just try to produce what I feel and I take vibes from vinyl I play at the weekend more so than the stuff I listen to during the week.

France obviously has a massive connection to house music with such seminal names as Cassius, Pepe Braddock and of course Daft Punk all contributing to the ‘French House’ sound; how do you feel you fair as part of a new generation of French House artists against the old masters?

You can add more artists like Cutee be who produced one of my favourite Frenchtouch albums "Champs Elysees" by Bob Sinclar.

I think that we can't compare the masters of Frenchtouch music, french house artist's now are like the younger brothers of the older ones..

Let's see what happens in the next few years for us but I think what the older artists have done is awesome and I would like to say thank you to them...

‘Good For U’ that you released via Exploited has been going down a storm with some really big names, how did you hook up with the Exploited crew and do you have any more plans to work with them in the future?

This is the best example of what I told you about 'family vibes! I have twice invited the Adana Twins to play @ Social club, both times we had so much fun... Then they invited me to visit them in Hamburg for few days, I met all the team and Shirkhan asked me to do a track for Exploited.

They are a great family and we had a great time last week at ADE for the Exploited label night. I think I will be working with them again in future for sure :)


Can we expect more releases in 2013?

A few remixes will be released very soon, as well as an EP and but I think I be will focusing more on original productions for 2014.

The busy travel schedule makes it difficult for me to focus on producing at the moment. I'm now beginning to find a balance between the two so stay tuned!

How about collaborations, is there anyone you really want to get in the studio with?

I haven't done collaborations as of yet, but if I would like to work with maybe Mario Basanov or Maxxi Soundsystem as I really dig both of them.

Thanks for having a chat with us Damien; we look forward to your set at Social Club alongside Simian Mobile Disco on the 15th November. As a nice little sign off can you pick us your five favourite French House tracks, new or old?

Thank's for the support!! I will give you 5 old French Touch classics that used to make me go crazy on the dance-floor...