Future Disco Interview Sccucci Manucci

Sccucci We caught up with Sccucci Manucci ahead of his guestmix on this weeks Future Disco Radio to talk about label's, being an A&R mastermind and how he would take out Simon Cowell in a fight...

Hello Mr. Manucci, can you reveal your real name to our readers?

My name is James Vorres!

So you work over at Juno towers, what’s it like being surrounded by thousands of records all day?

Good for the soul, bad for my pay slip!

Have you and your colleagues ever made a fort out of old test pressings?

No, but now you mention it… Might have to add it to the bucket list!


What first inspired you to start Sccucci Manucci? Is it the first your first record label you’ve worked on?

I had a bad experience with a record label when I was younger, they pressed and sold 800 or 900 vinyl and paid me with 25 of them… I was determined to start a label that could help to sustain artists and pay them their dues! I hope I have done that… although I think I am going to have to hire someone to handle it. Sorting out royalties for a roster as big as Sccucci’s has become a bit of nightmare.

How did you hook up with the Australian sensation Francis Inferno Orchestra on your first release? Are you the ultimate A&R machine?

I actually found Griff on Souncloud many years ago… I approached him to sign ‘Me & You’ (which is still one of my favorite tracks)… but he had just signed it to David Griffiths’ ‘Under The Shade’ Imprint. So he promised he would get another track together for me… which he kindly did! The A&R process for me is really simple, do I like it or don’t I? I am always happy when I can introduce people to new music and artists… I guess this why I run the labels!

Who do you think would win in a fight yourself or Simon Cowell?

Ummmmm… Probably Cowell right? He always has security with him. But if he didn’t have security with him I would kick him square in the balls… payback for all the utter pish he has unleashed to world!

Simon Cowell

What direction do you see the label going in? Are you going to continue releasing various artist EP’s? Is it a winning formula?

Yeah I guess so, I started the Manucci’s Mistress imprint to do the artist EPs and the Various Artists thing is a great way of introducing new artists alongside established artists. I try and keep the direction of both labels as fluid as possible… I never wanted them to be pigeon holed as labels that release a specific genre on style of music. With that in mind there are some curve balls in the pipe line!

What’s been your biggest challenge so far in terms of running the label?

Release schedules… without a shadow of doubt… When you are pressing to vinyl, you can throw all your planning out of the window. What I have learned is to wait until the vinyl is actually in my hands before planning any PR or Marketing!

So you’ve started up a sub-label Manucci’s Mistress, tell us a little about that…


Initially the plan was to start doing artist EPs on Sccucci after the 10th release. What I didn’t realise was how much work and effort has to go into putting out a release with 4 artists… and as the roster grows, managing the royalties and commitments with those artists. So, I started Manucci’s Mistress as a separate beast… one where I could just deal with one artist at a time and give some of the artists I was really feeling the opportunity to put out an EP. The artist is involved with every aspect of the EP, from the artwork to the mastering… I wanted a little bit of the artist’s personality in every part of the process… My hope was to give the artist a sense of ownership of their work, something they could be proud of. I think it is working really well; each release is very different but somehow connected. I am really excited about the project and am also really happy with the artists I am working with.

Which artist do you think should we keep our eyes on over the next few months?

Jack Fell Down, Steve Huerta, Urulu, Purple Velvet, Dudley Strangeways, Kick Douglas, Mella Dee, Mirage Man, Funkbutcher, Sisterhood, Cassio Kohl, Silk 86, Casino Times,Zoo Look, Squarehead … Too many to mention really… so many talented producers out there at the moment!

You can listen to Sccucci Manucci's special 'Showcase' Guestmix on Future Disco Radio here