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KIWI InterviewEarlier this summer we released our Poolside Sounds Vol. 2 Compilation which featured alongside a host of sunshine jams, an exclusive track 'Mayfly' from the London based DJ & Producer Alex Warren aka 'Kiwi'. Since it's release this stripped back summer burner has been gaining support from the likes of Radio One's Rob Da Bank, Ivan Smagghe and Jeremy Glenn. Fast forward three months and our friends over at Needwant have re-released the track alongside two brilliant remixes, the first from Belgian producer Compuphonic and the other from the man of the moment Urulu. So after all this hype we thought it was about time we caught up with Alex to see how summers been and to see what tricks he's got up his sleeve next...

Hey Alex, how’s it going? What are you up to right now?

Im recovering from the weekend, and digitising a load of new vinyl.

Is there a good story behind the name Kiwi? Are you from New Zealand?

It’s a terrible story. I needed a nice name, I wanted something that looks good on paper, had some rotten Kiwi’s in the office at the time so I just went with it…

Do you always get asked that question?

Yeh all the time, im gonna start making up some more interesting answers…

You’ve been DJing on the London circuit and running your own night 'Orlando Boom' for a few years now, what made you want to try your hand at production? Where did it all start?

Orlando Boom

From a love of djing really. I realised that I wanted to make a career out of djing, in this day and age the easiest way to do that is to produce your own records. Online profile is everything in this business, and the most logical way for me to increase my profile was to make music. I also found that there were gaps in my sets that I wanted to fill. DJ tools and edits that didn’t exist that I wanted to make, so that was my starting point.

So you’ve had a pretty awesome summer so far with EP’s out on Days Of Being Wild, Needwant and Jack (Friendly Fires), Edwin (Foals) and Adam’s (Legend) Deep Shit label… All these releases, although are all within the realm of four to the floor electronic music, seem so varied within their sound. Was it your intention to show diversity on each of these records?

Nope not my intension at all, just kind of happened that way. My taste is really diverse, I like a huge range of music, my dj sets are also really diverse, I play to the crowd and I love warming up a room. So all of the records were made with a particular scenario/dancelfoor in mind. The Guanako Haka for example was made for the second hour of one of my 4 hour sets in The Nest. Mayfly was made for my gigs on the beach or a boat.

Do you think your DJ sets reflect the music you produce?

I would flip it and say the music I produce reflects some of my DJ sets. My DJ sets can go weird or fast or to another planet and back and so far the music I have put out isn’t that techno or weird.


Who would you cite as being a big influence on your sound?

Oooh so many! Right now id say Syclops (Maurice Fulton), Funkineven, Disco (as an entire era, no need to be too specific), also a lot of early trance stuff.

Anymore releases on the horizon?

Yes, got a bunch of high profile remixes that I am not yet allowed to talk about. Plus I have just signed a 3 track collaborative EP to a new London label called Sneeky which will be out in December. It’s collaboration with my good friend and studio partner Ashworth, its a bit more serious than the other stuff I have done. Im also working on a bunch of new material for next year.

We featured your track Mayfly on the lastest Poolside Sounds Compilation, tell us the story behind this track, is Amy Skipping’s someone you’ve known for some time and wanted to work with?


Well I wanted to make a summer record. Something slow and sexy for the daytime. I made the tune and immediately knew it needed a vocal. I met Amy through a friend, she ended up serenading me with an Amy Winehouse cover in the green room at Orlando Boom. Eventually I managed to get her in the studio, we wrote and recorded it and some other stuff in just two afternoons. She’s super talented!

You’ve had a pretty packed summer of touring, what’s left on the agenda?

Is there any summer left? Im off to Ibiza this weekend We Love at Space on Sunday and Ibiza Rocks boat party and afters next Wednesday. Then I have Social Club Paris and Renate Berlin at the end of the month + my monthly 4 hour residency at The Nest in London. So loads of fun parties!

You’re going to be giving us a guest mix on the Future Disco Radio Show this week, what can we expect over the 30 minutes…

Im not sure I haven’t recorded it yet, maybe some funk, some disco, an exclusive, something weirdd and a curveball.

Thanks for chatting with us Alex; we look forward to hearing your Guestmix on Thursday!


Tune into The Future Disco Radio Show (with AIAIAI) this Thursday to hear Kiwi's Guestmix plus a whole host of the latest Future Disco sounds...