Future Disco Interview Ian Blevins

Ian Blevins If you've been partying in Ibiza over the past few years the chances are that Ian Blevins has been soundtracking your night. Holding residencies at both We Love and Future Disco at Space plus playing all across the island, we caught up with Ian to talk about his recent production work and being Paris Hilton's DJ guru...

Hey Ian, how’s it going, what are you doing right now?

Good thanks. I'm sat on a chair on my house in Ibiza building up the strength to walk across the room and switch the ceiling fan on.

How has your season been on the island this year?

Its been very good as usual. Resident again for We Love almost each sunday as well as Future Disco. Had a trip to Garden Festival in Croatia and a trip back home briefly. On top of that playing music at Lo Cura and the Rock Bar in town I get to play for some lovely people.


Do you live on the island all year? If not where do you reside in the winter months?

Not all year, just in the summer months. May till October usually more or less. I usually go back to the North East in the Winter for a brief period but have spent a lot of time over the last few years travelling. I've managed to combine travelling with a few gigs in South America, Australia, South East Asia, Middle East and India over the last few years.

update: i've just switched the ceiling fan on.

Have you noticed many big changes on the island this year compared to previous years in terms of parties and people coming over?

With the opening of a lot of new venues and club nights it seems to be spreading the customers quite thinly and have heard a lot about parties at certain places which haven't done half as well as expected or previously done. Though the big nights still tend to do very well other ones have suffered a little.

I've noticed as well that a lot of the big DJ's seem to be doing a back scratching gig swap thing too. Whilst this can be a good thing seeing people play at various places and parties it sort of takes away the exclusivity of hearing a DJ in one place. Maybe makes it less special at times. Though it doesn't always apply.

As with people. Bumbags i've noticed are HUGE this summer.

Have you been to ‘Foam & Diamonds’ at Amnesia yet?

No I haven't unfortunately though I speak to Paris on her cellphone before most gigs just to advise her on clothes, use of english and hit records to get that crowd rocking.

Although i wasn't at the parties my main man DJ Noizy Boy aka Brian Simpson managed to get a few words with her before opening party. The boy done good.

It’s a pretty big achievement getting to play Space twice a week most weeks, do you feel like you’re 'part of the furniture' there now?

Im very lucky and fortunate to be in the position i am and play at this club and for these nights. Playing once ever is an achievement in itself but i've been here for 7/8 year now thinking about it, so yeah, WOW. I do feel quite comfortable when playing at Space as all the staff from the sound engineers, bar staff etc right up to top management I find all get on very well. It's a pleasure to say the least. It always reminds me a little of that scene from Goodfella's where he's going through the kitchen into the club.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen at Space?

In 8 year playing here. God knows.. Once saw someone try and escape an oncoming pair of bouncers for having gear and hotfoot it off the roof 'Mission Impossible' style along some girders and nearly out the club. I wasn't expecting that at the time. Apart from that, it is fun to cruise through the club on a hydraulic truck though whenever possible.

Ibiza is well known for being very hedonistic but as you’re working all summer you must not be able to party every night; do you get much down time or are you always on the go?

I try to treat Sunday as the start of my weekend in a way and keep mostly off the booze from Tuesday till then. Saying that there's always things that will prevent that happening and there's no hard or fast rule. Apart from that its just sitting down and looking when I can rest and fit in music related activities such as preparation, looking for music and trying to make more of it. Friday is beach day regardless. Getting in the sea as much as you possibly can is a very good thing.

Any insider tips on something fun to do on the island, that isn’t necessarily in one of the clubs?

Jump on the boat to Formentera and hire a car I always come back from there with a new lease of life. Such a beautiful place.


Tell us a little a bit about your production work, we see you have been working under a few aliases recently…

At the minute I'm just trying to make as much music as I can whilst learning and getting it out there. I've been producing with my friend Phil Moody at home under Al Gobi with tracks out already on Audio Parallax, Disco Bloodbath and Is It Balaeric.

I work with fellow We Love resident Jem Haynes under our Second Line guise with releases on Jem's very own Colour Series.


On top of that I've got a host of unreleased tracks sitting there I've made with NY*AK who is from my neck of the woods as well. That and a whole host of demo's by myself clogging up my dropbox.

Anyone can view releases and unreleased demo's on my Soundcloud.

Do you consider yourself a DJ first or a producer?

Definitely a DJ first. I got into the game fairly late as far as playing goes. Bought my first set of decks at Uni with a bursary i received and started buying vinyl. Its always been a hobby until I started playing more and more out here then finally start to get my head into the production side of things around 3/4 year ago. Late again compared to other people these days like Disclosure etc who are remarkably talented and extremely young. They make me sick ;-) Only kidding.

What do you think makes a good resident? Everyone always talks about the art of the warm up, but do you think there is more to it than that?

Know how to play the room. How to start off, what tempo, style etc. Nothing worse than cruising through several rooms of a club and hearing the same shit in each room. Know your sound system as well …and be nice and friendly.

Who this season has impressed you the most behind the decks not just technically but in terms of personality and really standing out as an individual?

Apart from myself who's impressed me quite a lot the first name that sticks in my head might System of Survival. I go to DC10 a lot and always enjoy watching these chaps play. Mano Le Tough has managed to batter that place to bits as well which is ace to see as former guest of my night "That Old Chestnut'. That was the first few off my head then there's the countless amazing DJ's, residents and guests I'm lucky enough to hear and play with each week at We Love and Future Disco. Im doing my best to get out midweek and see more nights, so was a pleasure to see Lawrence play at Wisdom of the Glove last night. Been waiting to see him DJ for years now. There's a lot of DJ's coming to the island who haven't played before which I think is a good thing on a whole. Well, depends that one doesn't it.?

Thanks for chatting with us Ian, we look forward to seeing you back at Space next week, can you sign us off with your top five sunset tracks?

Nee bosh mate. Ok, these will change constantly but they'll be the first 5 I think of.

You can catch Ian play for Future Disco all summer long at Space Ibiza

Also don't forget to check out the party we are throwing with our friends We Love at this years Amsterdam Dance Event...