Future Disco at Space Ibiza 2013

The Future Disco team is proud to announce its return to Space Ibiza as part of Carl Cox's The Party Unites!

Every Tuesday night Future Disco, headed by label boss Sean Brosnan, welcomes music lovers to Space's Sunset Terrace to enjoy the quintessential island experience of dancing in the balmy evening air as the sun sinks and the tempo rises. As the first room to open at Carl Cox's The Party Unites, Future Disco is a magnet for in-the-know clubbers and industry insiders who flock in early to stake their claim on the dancefloor and enjoy the growing recognition among the islanders that Future Disco are bringing the best cross-section of music to Ibiza. The way they start the party acts as a musical counterpoint to the driving techno which defines the main room at the Revolution.

The Terrace's limited capacity and intimate atmosphere create a club-within-a-club vibe that continues throughout the rest of the party. While late-comers are still queuing to get in, the Future Disco crowd is comfortably ensconced, drinks in hand, surrounded by old friends and new. As midnight approaches the party moves to the Premier Etage until 6am where partygoers lap up Future Disco's trademark blend of sophisticated House music beneath a starry sky.

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SUNSET TERRACE – 9PM to Midnight

9th July: Maxxi Soundsystem, Sean Brosnan 23rd July: Huxley, Sean Brosnan 6th August: The Mekanism, Sean Brosnan 20th August: The Revenge, Sean Brosnan 27th August: Ben Pearce, Sean Brosnan 3rd September: Mario Basanov, Sean Brosnan 17th September: Kink (live), Sean Brosnan 24th September: Tom Trago, Sean Brosnan

PREMIER ETAGE – Midnight to 6AM

9th July : Anna Wall, Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 23rd July : Simon Morell (Fina Records), Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 6th August : Tythe, Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 20th August : Severino, Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 27th August : Spacestation DJs, Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 3rd September : Simon Morell (Fina Records), Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 17th September : Anna Wall, Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins 24th September : Spacestation DJs, Sean Brosnan & Ian Blevins

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