Death On The Balcony Interview

We caught up with Death On The Balcony duo Mark Caramelli & Paul Hargreaves ahead of their trip to our residency at AIR Amsterdam.

You guys have recently been out in Miami... What were you up to out there? Any special funtimes to report? Yeah it was great to make the last week of wmc this year & to play our part & fly the dotb flag & represent! Playing for Smoke n Mirrors inside outside & mainly for Catz & Dogz for the Get Physical & Pets Music showcase at Tree House for a 4hr set which was great to play that long & build a good vibe & set over that time before they took over!

There’s so much going on that week that you need a clone to manage everything which is a good thing because it can make for a hectic time. Just being there that time of year is great to hang out with DJs, industry heads & good Miami friends at various party locations & all in one place, here & there!

Ones that stand out venue wise were parties in the Wynwood art area (midtown) at Cafeina were great & a good outside location (day&night), DJ Three playing there was great & also seeing Tennis do his thing another time. No19 was a busy one too, Soho studios was good to for Life & Death & Smoke n Mirrors, the Electric Pickle & of course the infamous get lost party with the Crosstown Rebels was a fun one & good to see friends play there as well as getting a little lost before having to play that eve at Treehouse!

Beyond the parties the beach is always nice & having a boozy bbq with Miami friends & family towards the end of the week in the suburbs where they have a pool & tiki bar, that ended up being a fun late one!...

Where's the weirdest/best place you've played to date? Playing in Tulum for the Normal Music Crew during BPM festival was great. They are such a nice bunch of people and the setting at Papaya Playa Project was right by the beach with the calm of the sea & stars in the background. Was very picturesque to say the least!

Weirdest! Ha, there have been a few. On the whole everyone we have been to has been great so wouldn’t want to paint a bad picture of any event. However one of the strangest gigs we have had was in a Castle in Ireland in the middle of nowhere. The party itself wasn’t weird but the setting and the place they found just made for a real one off experience! The taxi driver, Sheila on the way to the gig was a highlight as she told us the whole story & gossip of the town. When we tried to leave at 6am back to the hotel it turns out she was pretty much the only cab driver in the town and we were stranded!

Your sets take in a lot of different genres, what were your influences growing up / getting into music? We both had different influences growing up but the thing we came together on & still do is a mutual love of disco, 80’s new wave/pop and early 90’s pop/electronica/house & also the art, fashion & cultures of these times.

Have you been to Amsterdam before? What are you expecting? Looking forward to AIR Amsterdam club with Future Disco?... we've got you guys alongside Benoit & Sergio.

Yes we have been lucky enough to play AIR once before and we have to say we had a very enjoyable experience. The club and crew of people running the place are very cool. It will be great to play with Benoit & Sergio as we have a lot of respect for their music and are sure we will compliment each other soundwise for the overall flow of the night!

What's coming up release/remix wise for you guys? What labels and artists are you particularly enjoying now? We have just had a lot of music out on labels like Pets Recordings, Seven Music & Smoke N Mirrors. We have a few remixes we are doing that should be out in the next few months plus tracks for Mother Recordings & Jackmode compilations. We are putting a great deal of effort into our label, Vice&Virtue Recordings which we are launching in spring/summer. Expect music much like how we like to play & with a broad spectrum but dance floor lead from known heads, artists and new faces like Slow Hands, Jamie Trench (Roots For Bloom), Adham & Hisham Zahran (mood music), Sebastian Wilck (Watergate), Bearight (Pets), Rikki Humphreys, Picture House, Inenco & of course, Us!

Summer time is just round the corner (Fingers Crossed!) what have you got planned? We are returning to Hideout Festival again in Croatia this summer, also a festival in Poland called Sound Check. We will be returning to Sonar in June + parties in Paris with Jef K and our label launch party on Watergate’s Waterfloor in Berlin May 25th. Date for your diaries right there!

Other than our gig dates we will be making lots of time for our own new productions and focusing on sourcing new music for our label too.

Right sounds like you guys are well busy so we'll leave you to it and catch up on the 19th April on the dancefloor at AIR!