Interview with WOLF MUSIC

We can't wait to see WOLF Music at Freeze Festival on October 26th, especially after doing this interview!  We spoke to WOLF about House music, DJing, production and running a record label.  Find out how the WOLF Music duo began and what makes them tick below...

Matt – I can't function without it now. It has seriously ruined my life.

How did WOLF music all start out? Why WOLF? Talk us through your nicknames:

Stu – WOLF started out about 3 years ago when Matt had the opportunity to re-release the disco classic ‘Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space’ he had some ideas about what he wanted to do with the track but it didn’t fit in with his current label. Me and Matt had been friends for a while and he asked me whether I wanted to be involved in a new project.

The name WOLF comes from a nickname Matt gave me the first time. The name stuck within our group of friends & when we were looking for a name for the label the name had a strong connection with us both.

I will leave Matt to explain his Meat nickname...

Matt – The name Meat comes from an unfortunate miss-communication with a promoter. For some reason he heard my name Matt Neale as Meat Meal – and then he proceeded to bang that name on posters and flyers all over town. Some friends saw it and it stuck with me.

What’s your draw to classic house and why does it rev your engines?

Matt –Never think of house as classic or modern, or any variation of that. We are into House, full stop – from day dot to the most modern interpretations of the genre. If we like the sound of a record we play it and we don’t pay much attention to the period of time it was released. We may play a record that was made back in 88 or 90, but only cause of the feeling that record creates on the floor at the time, not because of when it was made.

Biggest track in your box right now?

Medlar – Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Mix)

The Mixmag DJ lab went really well... Was it awkward playing to about 10 people and knowing it was actually getting beamed to hundreds more around the world? Did it make you nervous at all?

Stu – Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I thought it was going to be a little awkward but it great fun, all the guys at Mixmag were really into it and we had some of our crew down as well. Not to mention all the booze they were making us drink. I think we were a little nervous as it was such an honour to be asked to do the lab. When you look back who has done the lab we were certainly in good company! After a few shots we settled in just fine though.

The label profile has really picked up this last year... Has anything changed much for you guys though?

Matt – The main change is the scale of things, both in terms of recognition and also what is expected from us and the label. All feels a bit surreal at times. I have been a DJ for 16 years, and only now am I playing the type of shows that I used to dream about when I started messing around on decks. When we release a record now people seem to pay attention. It was harder to get that attention when we first started. Plus Stu has purchased a condo in Malibu.

Have you started making outlandish requests on your riders? 

Stu – We recently played in Glasgow and were introduced to the delights of Buckfast tonic wine. The ‘Buckie’ is now firmly on the rider!

Matt – I can't function without it now. It has seriously ruined my life.

What did you think of the superstar DJ riders that made the rounds of the internet recently?

Stu – I remember reading some of the big US DJ’s riders a few years ago and there were some real crazy rider requests on there...rotary mixers at 42 degrees was one that stuck out.

Matt – If a promoter is prepared to pay for the ridiculous requests, then more fool them. Christ, it’s only people playing records, do they really need an inflatable dingy and 30 bottles of Grey Goose to do so?! The one thing I am for in terms of riders is rigorous attention to detail on anything that will optimise the performance – such as sound, dj set-up, etc. All the rest of it is a load of balls, demanded by idiots, and appeased by like-minded idiots. Just give us a crate of beers, a decent meal, and 300 white orchids in my eye-line at all times (ALL TIMES).

We’ve heard the new Wolfep15 and its sounding like another big one for you guys... How did it come about?

Stu – Glad you’re feeling it! The Ron Basejam remix of James Welsh ‘Nowt’ came about after a conversation with Jim from Crazy P (Ron Basejam). It was a throw-away comment about how good a remix by him would sound and the rest is history as they say. Two of the other tracks by Squarehead & Mella Dee and Waze & Odyssey are records we were sent. Definitely some names to watch there! The last track on the EP by Terrence Pearce is something Greymatter put us on to a few months back. It was originally released via a digital release through another label and after we found out there was no plans for it to land on wax we decide to try and put it out ourselves.

Who’s coming up next on the label?

Stu – loads coming up in the next few months! Some of the artists include Detroit Swindle, Ron Basejam, Bicep, James Welsh, Waze & Odyssey plus Squarehead & Mella Dee. Not to mention tracks from the pack members, KRL, Medlar, Greymatter & Casino Times.

What have you guys got in the pipeline next year?

Stu – We are just in the process of arranging some WOLF parties in Europe for early next year plus we are already looking forward to returning to the high seas at the Garden Festival!

We’ve lost count now how many times we’ve teamed up with you guys for festivals!... How many is it now?

Stu – Yeah, it’s quite a few! We can’t be doing too bad as you keep asking us back.

Are you looking forward to Freeze Festival?

Stu – The Battersea power station is actually one of my favourite landmarks in London so I’m really excited to play a festival there. I’m also looking forward to checking out some of action on that massive ramp!

In the parlance of the kids what’s the most gnarly trick you can pull off on the slopes?

Stu – I have heard Meat is actually pretty decent on skis and has been compared to a modern day Eddie ‘The Eagle’ (kids, look him up). I once managed to get some ‘air time’ while carving up my local ski slope back in the day.

Matt – I have dusted off my father's early 90's flouro ski-suit (classic ski-suit), so expect something magical from me.

Freeze Festival is this Friday - we will be joined by WOLF Music as well as PBR Streetgang and the Future Disco all-stars.  Check out the Facebook event for more info.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know.