Future Disco Helsinki with Miguel Campbell

There aren’t many producers that have made such an impact in the past twelve months as Miguel Campbell. The Leeds based producer who has been making music for a number of years exploded onto the scene with his track ‘Something Special’ for the very Hot Creations. It’s a record that continues to be heard on dance floors, despite being nearly a year old and possibly one of those records you could even call a future classic. With an album in the pipeline for the same label and a string of tasty tracks and mixes under his alter ego MAM, Miguel is a producer who is in demand. As a DJ he is also traveling the world and enjoying that rise to club stardom only enjoyed by a select few artists each year. So with such an introduction we are extremely pleased to have Miguel play his Future Disco debut and first time in Helsinki.

He will be playing on Saturday 2nd June at the intimate Club Ahjo and if past parties are anything to go by this is going to be very special indeed.

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