Crazy P in Helsinki: 7th April 2012

There aren’t many producers we come across on our musical travels that continue to rise to the top of the musical pile again and again. More often than not, a fleeting buzz of success can be followed by obscurity but Crazy P are different, they have staying power. First known as Crazy Penis in the nineties (until someone pointed out this may hinder any wider success) they changed their name to Crazy P around eight years ago and it’s been up ever since.

Formed by Jim Baron and Chris Todd, the band went from being a strictly studio production outfit to full live show with live instruments. The catalyst to wider notoriety, in our eyes, was the inclusion of Danielle Moore, the ace vocalist and first lady of Crazy P. The ability to innovate and stay interesting shouldn’t be underestimated in a fickle and fast paced world. But it is this ability that won them the iTunes Dance Album of the Year in 2011 for their latest long player When We On.

Their track, ‘Never Going to Teach Me’ remixed by the band’s Hot Toddy is a slow summer jam of epic proportions and featured on Future Disco Volume 3 : City Heat, while ‘The Hit’ appears on the latest album, Downtown Express. Then every few months we find ourselves in their company at a boutique festival or packed nightclub - you could say we are Crazy about Crazy P.

So it seems only fitting that they take centre stage at our Helsinki home Ahjo. After great sets over the past few months from Maxxi Soundsystem, Pete Herbert and Sean Brosnan, we thought it was about time to get Crazy P in on the act. So on Friday 7th April, Jim and Danielle will be taking the Soundsystem show to Helsinki. If you haven’t seen it before, it includes Daniele’s and vocals backed by Jim’s mixing and keys. It’s a guaranteed floor shaker. We can’t wait for next week and if you are in Helsinki, you should be excited too.