Who Is Bicep?

There’s a place on the internet that has been a guardian for all things disco and deep house for the past few years. This muscley outpost has been shrouded in mystery, surfacing only to remind us by way of MP3 of forgotten b-sides of classic nineties house or the latest disco cut that may have disappeared under the radar. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to the art that was once the reserve of record shops and their staff that today sadly don’t exist in the force they once did. So now it’s the turn of the blog to pick and choose, recommend and remind you of the one’s you may have missed, even let you know about the odd party jam you should be checking at the weekend. Bicep do it particularly well and better than most.

Then add to the fact they have started to flex their production muscle with fine edits and remixes arising in the past year and you have an what we call hot stuff. Recently they have been found on Wolf Music, remixing Toby Tobias and releasing full EP’s on New York’s Throne of Blood.

The love of old and new is a shared passion at Future Disco, taking the best bits of the past and creating the future so it seemed only a matter of time before we invited them to work out the Ministry Dancefloor. So on Saturday 19th November they join Sean Brosnan and Dom Chung for another all night session of house, disco and dancing. But first we wanted to find out who they actually were so we asked them some questions.

So first things first introduce yourself... Who is Bicep and how did it all begin? Bicep is made up of the two of us(Andy and Matt), we’re both from Belfast and are living in London at the moment. We’d both been djing for several years and decided that it was time to collectively make an effort at creating something ourselves. We’d been dabbling with production for some time and thought two heads would be better than one! We were in our friend’s flat, in East London and just got chatting about random ideas and what sort of vibe we wanted to go for… the name Bicep just came up! It was really meant to be quite tongue-in-cheek and silly. We like mostly 80s and early 90s music and didn’t take ourselves too seriously...the name just fitted that whole vibe!

Feel My Bicep is your online home is it not? What got you into the bloggin’ game? Yea FMB is defiantly our expression of music and artists we love, its pretty personal and think you can get a good vibe of our style from the site alone. For us, it’s always been about just posting up stuff we like (although generally on the rarer side of our collection) not what’s really popular or what we think other people will like. I suppose we’re just lucky lots of people seem to like what we like! We also didn’t think the other music blogs out there were really up to scratch. Many of them had poor quality control and lacked a proper vibe.

Do you think the trend for bloggers becoming producers and DJs a good thing? Dunno we were producing and djing before we had a blog so cant really comment as we have done it the opposite way round. If you are a good blogger you will have good quality control and essentially select good tunes, learning to dj takes years tho so I could only comment on individual cases. End of the day a good tune is a good tune, doesn’t matter if its made by a blogger or a Japanese 3 year old on an SP1200.

You’ve been running the site for years now... What doors has it opened for you? Yea been running proper 3 years now I think, not that long in comparison to the other blogs out there. It has enabled us to engage with a worldwide audience and make friends all over the world. I think when we got booked on 8 shows in China it was a bit of an eye opener at the power of this thing.

What is the coolest freebie you’ve had through? We don’t accept any freebie’s on the blog because we don’t want the music or quality to sacrifice for the sake of a quick buck or shitty t-shirt. But music wise DJ Nature gave us a personal mixtape he did in 1993 before his record collection went into storage, it was full of absolute jamz and is still up on the blog.

Tell us some more about the Throne of Blood label and how did that link up come about? I emailed James, the label boss, purely to tell him he loved the label and their last few releases and that struck up a conversation. After a while production came up and we sent James some tunes. Next they were getting played on Beats in space! It was pretty crazy for us! He’s been so awesome to work with!

You must get lots and lots of music sent through to you... Would you consider turning FMB into a label too? Yea when we drop our own label we want it to be special and different. After a lot of deliberation now is just not the right time for us.

What has been your biggest DJ gig up until now? Err I dono we played at PS1 WarmUp in New York this summer which was actually huge, that would defiantly be the biggest in size…but in vibe I would say Louche at the Mint Club in Leeds ;)

Are you looking forward to playing for Future Disco at Ministry of Sound? Yea have been a big fan of the label and what they have been doing all over the world party wise. My crew in Ibiza swear by their room over in Space, which is as big a compliment as any.

What tracks can people expect to hear form you on the night? With that recent anniversary box set dropping on MOS I think it would be rude not to dig out some of my favourites. I think we will go old school MOS- MK, Todd Terry, Kerri Chandler vibes mixed up with some sleazy disco.

What’s coming up with Bicep production wise? Can you give us any little exclusives? Just finished a remix for Blondes planned for release next year on RVNG. In the studio this week finishing of collab project with our N.Irish friend Ejeca, which will be more of a garage 2-step thing. Then we have a tonne of sample heavy house hopefully will have 2 EPs of this signed off by the end of the year….finally we are working up a longer EP for our boys at Throne of Blood.

And finally we know you are obsessed with muscles and all things buff... In a fight to the death who would win out of Arnie Schwarzenegger, Silvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme and why?

I think we would say Arnie, he has probably the biggest muscles and is the poster boy for FMB so can do no wrong. Jean Claude would be too busy stealing someone’s girlfriend and Sly would struggle to see the ring.