Tuccillo Interview

Hi Tuccillo... Please could you introduce yourself? Well, I’m a musician, producer and a DJ

We hear you’re an Ibiza native... I came from Italy to Ibiza ten year ago and I’ve been here since, I can say I’ve been adopted by this magnificent island.

What’s it like living there all year round? I love it, winter is totally peaceful.

Does it not get a bit too much? Everybody knows how Ibiza is like in summer, it’s very extreme the change, maybe that’s what I like, I’m constantly making music so I spend a lot of time in the studio, as well as travelling playing in different parts of the world, I found its the perfect balance to my life style.

Being surrounded by so much dance music constantly must be great... What has influenced you most over the years? The fact that all new releases are played first here and then to the rest of the world, it is the best way to see the reaction of people first hand.

You are a resident at Pacha in Ibiza, what is it like to play in one of the best clubs in the world, each week? I’m honoured to be part of this big family, it is a pleasure to work in such a professional and organized environment.

What is your favourite place to chill on the Island? Ibiza has a lot of magic… I like to chill in any nice, quiet place surrounded by nature… I’m surprised to find so much peace here.

Apart from Ibiza where else in the world do you like playing out and visiting? Italy as being my home country, I love them and they love me, and NY, but there are so many places I still have to see and want to play at.

Are you looking forward to playing at Ministry of Sound? Yes I’m definitely looking forward to it, Ministry of S ound is a legendary Club, I feel extremely excited, such an important place to be my first place to play in London and all this is thanks to Sean Brosnan owner of Needwant Rec. The Future Disco is a party made by him at Ibiza and the UK and I can’t think of better way to start my own promotion in the UK, hope to see you all the 8th of October at MOS in the 103!

How was it releasing your Mathematics EP on 2020 Vision? A great experience, without knowing me they gave me all the freedom to do my work, I appreciated the trust they’ve gave me , and being so close to Ralph Lawson it’s has been absolutely positive, and feedback has been very strong .

What was your first big break in music? Well, I think with an original track with Barbara TUCKER, the track “One Desire” for King Street Sounds … She is a great writer and performer, a legendary house Diva.

What have you got coming up in the near future, any secrets you can tell us? I’m always at the Studio making music, as all musicians, I’m aiming to make a whole album, at the moment I’m working on EPs and remixes…Next release will be with a UK label , you’ll see.

Future Disco with Tuccillo at Ministry of Sound 08/10/11 Tuccillo on 2020 Vision