Future Disco @ Ministry of Sound / Maxxi Soundsystem

Who is Maxxi Soundsystem... Introduce yourself? Maxxi Soundsystem is me Sam Watts from Brighton, UK..

Did Brighton have a big influence on you musically? Yeh, I felt at home here on one of my first visits (which was to a music festival) - it's a really relaxed place, with plenty of creative people. It's definitely a town that makes you want to do something interesting. Brighton gets alot of great music passing through which really helps - I got involved in the party scene pretty quickly and have been doing nights for the majority of my years here... and met and played with some artists that really influenced me.

Can you give us some tips on the best places for all things Disco in Brighton? Well the guys from Go Bang (Affy and Ali) have been doing it for a long time now and always get a lovely atmosphere especially at their gigs at The Green Door and occationaly down in the basement at The Globe pub on Middle St. Also Paul Budd's Disco Deviant parties are going strong with acts like Greg Wilson, Andrew Weatherall and Horsemeat Disco which are now in Audio near the pier. The party I run with Neal Lewis called schtumm! blurs the genres a little bit but we definitely have had some strong disco parties with guests like Todd Terje, Disco Bloodbath, Pete Herbert, Red Rackem, Serge Santiago and once we were even allowed to put on The Idjut Boys on NYE which was very memorable...

How did it feel to have such a big hit in the dance / club sense, with your debut release 'Criticize'? Yeh that was great. I have to admit I made the bulk of that track in a day just to play out at this little outdoor party we were doing on Brighton seafront last summer... I'm not sure it would've come out if it wasn't for people like Nathan at Southern Fried and Luca C who both went so nuts for it... I then started sending it out to more DJs and it started growing from there.

Did you think it would be that popular? No not at all.

Where's been the best gig you've played so far? That's a tough one... I think it might be in the Madame Geisha Tent @ Secret Garden Party last year - closing the tent on Saturday night, the decks were on a little stage in the centre so there were people all around, in front, behind and it was packed - such a great atmosphere... Helsinki last week was also pretty special...

What do you think about Ministry of Sound, are you excited to be playing there? Yes! I used to live in South London and head down there every now and again. It's such a famous club with a huge history - it's a British institution!

What's coming up for you then? Can you give us some sneek peeks into any new material/remixes? Been doing a few remixes which are about to come out, 'Bear Hug' by The 2 Bears and 'Mindfighter' by Retro/Grade, also my remix of Hercules & Love Affair 'Painted Eyes' is going to be given away for free on Annie Mac's blog next week (6th June).

The new single 'Get Up' has just come out on Nürvous Records which is a new label launched by 'Nervous Records NYC' dedicated to the sounds of old house music and there are some great remixes for that including one by Danny Daze. I am actually working with Danny Daze on some new stuff, he's in Miami but we've been dong it all online which is real exciting... he's a real talent.

Also just finished a track with a singer called Royston who usually sings with Estelle - amazing voice, looking forward to getting that all done...

Catch Maxxi Soundsystem playing for Future Disco at Blissfields Festival + Ministry of Sound this summer.