Faze Action @ Space, Ibiza 02.09.11 : Interview

Ahead of Future Disco at Space with Faze Action this Friday we managed to catch up with Simon for a quick catch up:

Who is Faze Action? Faze Action are brothers Simon and Robin Lee

How is it working with your brother in the band, any arguments? Fairly plain sailing we have the odd disagreement but something positive always comes out of it.

Which one of you started Djing first? I started out in the late 80s playing funk, soul and Jazz

What did you listen to growing up? We listened to lots of different stuff everything from James Brown, Mizell Brothers right through to the Turntable Orchestra "you're gonna miss me when you're gone".

Who was the first big DJ you saw growing up and when did you realise you wanted to be musicians? Think the first big DJ we saw was Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson and Victor Rosado, they really turned us onto great music via the radio.

What was your first big break back in the day? I think the first big break came when I met Dave Hill in the early to mid 90s, I was working in a record shop and he was setting up a label called Nuphonic... he didn't have any releases at the time. We had just finished our first production "Original Disco Motion", I Played it to Dave and he loved it, after that Nuphonic grew and we kind of grew with them.

Some people say that disco is only a fad, or at least the nu-disco sound, whats your take? For me good music is good music... it doesn't matter what style or genre it is, sure some genres will come to the fore and others will drop off but Disco is like a back bone to so much modern dance music. You can play a Disco track and people will always smile!

Whats happening with your record label? At the moment we are expanding the label, watch this space! There will be some more releases from Rudy's Midnight Machine and The Shack.

Are you looking forward to Future Disco @ Space in Ibiza, we hear it's your birthday as well? Really looking forward to playing at Future Disco at Space its the perfect platform for us to play in Ibiza and yes its my birthday so an even bigger party ! see you on the Dance Floor x


Faze Action opened up Future Disco Volume 2 with their edit of Tele Music - Disco Free Grab it from iTunes