Croatia Boat Party: In Review

In 2010 we held our first Future Disco boat party at the Garden Festival Croatia. We came off that boat last summer, questioning whether we could ever create a party as good as we had just experienced over the last four hours. Fast forward to 2011 and we did just that, the Future Disco Boat Party rocked.


Setting off at 7pm, Sean Brosnan started the party with some eighties boogie and both the boat and the 250 revelers started to sway. Slowly upping the tempo and with the sun dipping into the horizon, Jacques Renault took to the decks. With someone in the crowd brandishing a sign reading ‘Beam Me Up’ it was clear there was a fair few people here to see the New Yorker. By the time he played the track in question there wasn’t room to move on the dance floor. Sun goes down, Dom Chung takes over and drops The Jungle Brothers ‘I’ll House You’ and the rest is history. Two hours sailing around the Adriatic Sea, the soundtrack is firmly house, the lights are down low and people are going crazy.


We also can’t go without mentioning the group of thirty animals on board. All there in the spirit of Noah’s Arc (animals in pairs, get it?), though we did notice one solemn crocodile, mooching around the decks and a pirate, which we aren't quite sure if existed BC but who's checking the history books anyway. If you were on board, you no doubt had a great time and we salute you, for yet again being part of one of the parties of the year. Great festival, great party and great people - see you next year!