Beaches, Boats and Buses.

The start of the summer is always a busy time and this year is no exception. We have already taken over the Blissfields Bus with Crazy P singing out from the top deck, now it’s time to take over the boat. This Friday will we be setting sail off the coast of Croatia as part of the wonderful Garden Festival. Come 7pm we shall be riding the high seas with captains Sean Brosnan, Dom Chung and Jacques Renault at the helm. Four hours of Future Disco on the waves, and that’s not the radio type either, will dock at 11pm, just in time to explore the late night goings on of the festival site. Then next week is our second party on the island of Ibiza. We will be joining Carl Cox for his opening night at Space on the 12th July - always a huge occasion. So with a bit of beach action in between, the Redbox shall open at midnight with Ian Blevins, Andy Bird and finally Jacques Renault, still continuing his European adventures.

Just the start of a long Future Disco summertime… for all the details check out our EVENTS.