In Review: Future Disco @ Garden Party, Leeds

When you say the words garden party, you may think of tea on the lawn, deck chairs or Pimms - this was one very different Garden Party last Sunday. Set both inside and out, of the long standing music venue - The Faversham in Leeds, The Garden Party really is one of those special clubbing occasions in the calender. Only taking place three times a year the whole event has a festival feel with marquees dotted around the grounds and more rooms of music than you can count on one hand.


Future Disco was hosting the aptly named Gimp room. The room quickly filled up come 10pm when the terrace closed and everyone searched out their next musical fix. After Ryan Shaw got things moving nicely, Sean Brosnan and Dom Chung took turns to delve deep and play across house and disco, keeping the excitement high and smiles wide.


Bouncing speakers, beer being split on a cdj, power cables accidentally being pulled from the walls: nothing could stop this party from turning into one hot sweaty rave room. While the venue started to thin as the ravers retreated after an long day and night of music, the Future Disco room remained buzzing and come 4am, Dom Chung played the last record to applause and murmurs of a house party. You have to love Bank Holidays and you have to love Leeds on a Bank Holiday even more.