Future Disco Vol 4. Neon Nights Unmixed For DJs

You may have noticed we have only released a special edition double CD disc for volume 4. This is so everyone that buys the album can benefit from a bonus unmixed CD. This is particularly good if you use CDJ's to DJ as there are ten worthy dancefloor cuts on that will find a home in just about any DJs wallet. This include the Jacques Renault mix of Beam Me Up, Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap's remix of She's Bad and Mario Basanov's 'Up'. All tracks are WAV quality and full length too. You can get the CD now from Amazon, Juno or HMV.

If digital is your thing then we also offer a special Dj version on the dance download stores. Here you can get all 16 tracks used in the mix, full length plus you also get the DJ mix too. You can buy these right now from JunoDownload and Beatport. Both are good value for money for any CD DJs out there.