Future Balearica: Summer On CD

Not a Future Disco release strictly, but it is our sister series that we think any Future Disco fan will also enjoy.  Future Balearica is an entire album of summery sonic adventure through the world of 21st century chill out and warm laidback sounds. The selection has been carefully crafted, complete with seamless sound effects by the duo FETE and the result, we think, is the ultimate album ideal to play morning, noon or night.

We can only hope you agree.

The album is released this week and you can get yourself a copy at the following places




And nationwide in Urban Outfitters stores too.

There's also a little launch party in London town on Sunday 15th August to celebrate.


  1. Coyote – Electric Sunburst
  2. The XX – VCR
  3. Mario Basanov – Caribbean Girl (New Found Land Remix)
  4. Smith & Mudd – Schulme
  5. Project Sandro – Blazer
  6. Fete - The Islands
  7. DJ Kaos – Love The Night Away (Tiedye Remix)
  8. Dark Captain Light Captain – Questions (Hatchback Dub)
  9. Bubble Club – Violet Morning Moon
  10. Black Lodge – Feels Likes (Downtown Party Network Remix)
  11. Kaine – Phathead (Mudd’s Bondi Remix)
  12. Cantoma - Only People
  13. Meanderthals – Kunst or Ars
  14. The Project Club – Leaves Of Millfield
  15. Icasol – Ongou (Idjut Boys Remix)
  16. Iain Archer – Canal Song
  17. Lady Of The Sunshine – Lady Of The Sunshine.
  18. Animal Collective – Loch Raven